Serious Genealogists Want to Know

A serious genealogist will know beforehand where to look for quality evidence to support their conclusions. A serious genealogist will check the evidence they find:

  • Who created it?
  • Where did it come from?
  • What does it mean?
  • When was it created?
  • Why was it created?

With many data outlets on the Internet, there is duplication and difference among the pieces of data available. Using their answers to the questions outlined above, a genealogist can piece together a quality family history.

A single query of a genealogical research provider’s site will let you know instantly whether he or she is an adherent to the higher standard of quality sought in the profession: Does this provider follow the GPS and related standards?

The Genealogical cal Proof Standard is one of the strongest and long-term standards in the profession. This standard, evolved over the past fifty or so years, has provided many people with accurate information about their ancestors. It is a well-respected and proven method of finding answers to questions where there are few or little known facts about the ancestor.

The following questions, “Where did it come from?” and so on will naturally be answered when that first question is answered. Does the provider explain what a record means? Does the provider interpret the information contained in a record as well as interpret the record itself? They should. By following published standards and answering all questions fully, a reputable professional genealogist gains, as well as the customer, in more than just a business sense.

By the genealogist gaining, I mean that a genealogist should have an inquiring mind for all types genealogically relevant information. This mindset will further their client’s and their own knowledge as well as any future genealogist who uses the research findings.

My experience in providing genealogy research services, with verifiable, in-depth research and reporting for clients in the public and private domains gives the consumer a quality family tree. If you have any questions, I am happy to talk to you in detail about professional genealogy.

[Update 3 September 2011: Please contact me through either Genealogy Freelancers or GenLighten. I also consider direct queries about Pacific Northwest research.