Seeking Truth in Genealogical Research

Many genealogy enthusiasts today want the truth in genealogical data, products, and services. These genealogy consumers want to know what is real, true, and safe. These genealogy consumers want to be able to make the best choice.

With free and commercial e-commerce genealogy and family history web-based businesses appearing almost daily, achieving these desires has become harder. Whether these consumers are hobbyists or potential clients, the truth matters to the serious genealogist. Why?

A major problem facing family history consumers is amateur genealog­ists and culturally illiterate business people posing as professionals. This is a direct result of people proliferating in the business as genealogy information providers. These amateurs have no idea whether the data they purport to be real is or is not real.

The required criteria and competency of professional genealogists needed to create quality service and give professional level work is easily accessed on and off the Internet. These measures have been set, maintained, and supported by a few highly respected practitioners who support the profession with standards, methodologies, and strong ethics.

These measures give a scale with which to decide whether a provider is realistically seeking to help genealogists. These respected standards encourage the use of the available professional genealogy competency and credentials, and compliance standards.

Without adherence to these published and enforced ethical constraints in the market, how will a consumer:

  1. Determine what is quality genealogical material?
  2. Accurately decide what is quality genealogy and family history?
  3. Choose a qualified professional genealogist or services provider?

For the answers to these questions, my experience in providing genealogy research services, with verifiable, in-depth research and reporting for clients in the public and private domains gives the consumer a quality family tree. If you have any questions, I will be happy to talk to you in detail about professional genealogy.

Sea Genes is a sole proprietorship, independent-contractor business based in Seattle, Washington. I focus on providing quality family history and genealogy research in the Pacific Northwest states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.