Honest, Responsible Genealogy Sites

Here’s an experiment for you. Make a compilation of popular/relevant sites which have at least some content relating to responsible genealogical research. The criteria for picking these sites is:

1. that they mention the terms

  • “genealogy” “standard” OR “standards”
  • “genealogical research” “standard” OR “standards”
  • “genealogical proof standard”

2. appear in the top 100 results of the search
3. do not also advertise on the top or right of the search results (i.e., in Google)
4. do not have a demonstrated religious, social, cultural, moral, or ethical bias

Comparing John D. Reid’s recent list (and others’ additions thereto), and Alexa.com’s list of “Society>Genealogy>Services” and “Society>Genealogy>Resources” lists, where do the major providers stand?

They don’t.

It seems that applying responsible standards to finding and using genealogically relevant resources is up to the user. The major providers do not care to educate genealogists in the use of the data they provide.