Announce: White Center News Extracts, 1943-1949

White Center News Extracts, by N. P. Maling, just published, is a collection of newspaper birth, marriage, death, and other entries from The White Center News, a Seattle neighborhood newspaper, covering a 6-1/4 year period. The newspaper, published on Fridays (with variations) had a coverage area including the 35th Avenue, Arbor Heights, Beverly Park, Boulevard Park, Burien, Cedarhurst, Dumar, Delridge, Five Corners, Hazel Valley, Highland Park, Mt. View, Riverton Heights, Seahurst, South Park, Sunnydale, Three Tree Point, and White Center neighborhoods. There is also news from West Seattle, to the north of these neighborhoods.

There are forty pages of listings. Information given includes the primary person’s name; the event; the event date; optional age at death; the parent(s), spouse name, or comments; the publication date, and page number.
White Center News Extracts is available at for purchase as a print or download item.

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