Becoming a Certified Genealogist Blog

[Updated 6 December 2011 — The blog referred to in the first ¶ is being renamed.]

I found an interesting blog this morning. Genealogy Certification: My Personal Journal. It appeared to be part of the BCG’s effort, but it is not, the title makes that clear.

My earlier post, “Follow-on to Marian Pierre-Louis’ post“, and Marian Pierre-Louis’ post, “Is It a Bad Time to Become a Professional Genealogist?”, about the difficulties of getting the word out about quality genealogy and how to go about it, touch on Jill’s efforts to become certified.

Jill’s blog discusses in some detail what a professional genealogist goes through, and the level of quality we reach for in our work. It is an interesting read, and I’ll be following her blog.