Family Sketches and Formatting

The John Bent family sketch (John¹ Bent Descendents) is something I put together last year, so it might be a bit out of date. It’s an example of the NEHGS Register style, and has one unique feature. The footnotes in this style are bracketed. Making the line breaks work with this style, so that the footnotes stay where they belong, can be tricky.

In my favorite word-processor, Writer, I need to put a non-breaking space between the text and the footnote, select it, and open the character formatting dialog to hide the hard space character.

With Microsoft Word (2010), you’d use the Font dialog and choose Hidden from the Effects section.

The sketch is also set up in the NEHGS Register style, a bit different from, and IMHO, better than the one available from their website. I’ll e-mail a copy of this sketch in Word 97-2000 format or OOo ODT format on request. The e-mail address is at the end of the sketch.

This sketch is set up as a 6ʺ × 9ʺ page, designed for printing front-to-back so we can save paper.