Where to Find Alaska’s Passenger Lists

National Archives and Records Administration

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The United States government kept custom house records and passenger lists for alien, immigrant, and citizen arrivals in various locations of Alaska. Most of the surviving records for the Eagle, Hyder, Ketchikan, Nome, and Skagway offices are from before 1920, but a few include the years between 1920 and 1946.

These records constitute direct, original, and primary information about individuals entering the United States. Indirect information, such as age, sex, marital status, and destination may also appear in these records.

Copies of these records are kept at the National Archives and Records Administration’s Pacific Alaska Region facility in Seattle, Washington, where I am a professional genealogy researcher. Contact me to start a discussion about the possibilities of researching your family’s history. Likewise, if you would like more information about my genealogical research services, including information about fees, and range of materials available to research, I’d love to hear from you.

For more detailed information about these records, please see the NARA publications for:

  • M2016 — Index of alien arrivals at Eagle, Hyder, Ketchikan, Nome, and Skagway, Alaska, Jun 1906–Aug 1946.
  • M2017 — Lists of aliens arriving at Skagway (White Pass), Alaska, Oct 1906–Nov 1934.
  • M2018 — List of aliens arriving at Eagle, Alaska, Dec 1910–Oct 1938.