Where to Find Oregon’s Naturalization Records

National Archives and Records Administration

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Between 1859 and 1956 the U. S. government kept records of declarations of intention and petitions for naturalization in Oregon Territory and State. These records can contain genealogically significant information. The records are organized by surname and declaration date and petition date. These records are arranged chronologically and grouped by type of entry, as listed above. Some records in this group may not exist due to destruction or they may simply be missing. Additionally, the earlier records may not be indexed at all.

Microfilm copies of these records are kept at the NARA Pacific Alaska Region facility in Seattle, Washington.

The National Archives and Records Administration has fact sheets about these publications:

  • M1242 — Indexes to Naturalization Records of the U. S. Circuit and District Courts for the District of Oregon, 1859–1956
  • M1540 — Naturalization Records for U. S. District Courts for the State of Oregon, 1859–1941