Map of USA with Alaska highlighted and shown i... focuses, obviously, on matters Alaskan.

The site has a clean design, clearly presenting the categories of links that it hosts, and minimal irrelevant advertising.

The most valuable links are in the archives, cemeteries, census, and immigration categories. The rest of the links are to sites that cover a broader array of topics, or are under construction. Alaska is a huge state but with a shorter history and fewer people living there than most. The information for some of the categories and topics may simply not be available online.

There is a bit of background for each category that explains what’s there, but these descriptions could go a bit more in depth to tell readers more about why the included links are relevant. Linking to a message board on for information about a topic is a sure way to lead a new or less-experienced genealogist into a site they may not be able to navigate as easily. The content on the message boards is probably not what they are looking for, anyway.

Some of the links are broken, but that happens all the time on the Internet. The AlaskaGenealogy site seems to be a one-person project, and one person can only do so much with so many links at once. They do ask for additions, updates, and corrections, which means they care about their content.

I like the site and have added it to my list.

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