Consolidating Blogs

I will be consolidating my blogs this month. The Seattle Book Scouts’ Blog and the roman Type blog have been taken down from public view. Their genealogically related content will be moved to the Sea Genes Family History & Genealogy blog.

The blogs being consolidated will remain as “private” blogs due to domain name mis-use so they cannot be repurposed for something not related to their initial intent. All of the posts, including their comments, have been archived off-site, so a historical record remains available to future researchers.

Almost all of the interesting content from the Sea Genes FH & GR site on Blogger has been moved to WordPress. Its content has been archived. It will also remain as a “private” blog.

Anyone who has subscribed to the old blogs is encouraged to unsubscribe from them, and to subscribe to the Sea Genes FH&GR blog at WordPress.

Thanks for reading.