Wordless Wednesday – Views of Moscow, Russia

Booklet of views of Moscow, Russia. Produced by the Foreign Languages Publishing House.

Mockba Views, Cover

Cover of the Mockba Views booklet

Front Cover: Soviet of Workers’ Deputies

Back Cover: “Dvorets Sovietov” Underground Station

Captions on backs of pictures in six languages, including English, which follow:

  • Kremlin. General View
  • Kremlin. Blagoveshchensky Cathedral / 1484–1489 / (left), and Arkangelsky Cathedral / 1505–1509 / (right)
  • Kremlin. Uspensky Cathedral / 1475–1479 /, architect Aristotle Fioravante
  • Kremlin. Belfry of Ivan the Great / 1505–1508 /
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral / 1555–1560 /, architects Barma and Postnik
  • Red Square
  • Lenin Museum
  • Sverdlov Square and the Bolshoi Theatre
  • Gorky Street
  • Monument to A. S. Pushkin / 1880 / sculptor Opekushin
  • Chaikovsky Conservatoire
  • Lenin Library / 1784–1786 /, architect Bazhenov
  • Pushkin Fine Arts Museum
  • Tretyakov Gallery. Founded in 1856
  • Krymsky Bridge over the Moskva River
  • Frunzenskaya Embankment
  • Moscow University. Built in 1952
  • Lenin Central Stadium
  • In Izmailovo Park
  • Novodevichy Monastery. Founded in 1524
  • Komsomolskaya Square
  • Ostankino Museum: Former Count Sheremetyev’s Palace
  • USSR Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition

Scans of “Lenin Museum” and “Sverdlov Square and the Bolshoi Theatre” scenes are below

Scenes in Mockba Views

Scenes in Mockba Views


Dimensions: 6.5ʺ tall × 4.5ʺ wide × 0.5ʺ thick

Map of Moscow on front and back endpapers.

Damage to lower right corner border: Kremlin. General View

Slight edge damage: Kremlin. Blagoveshchensky Cathedral / 1484–1489 / (left), and Arkangelsky Cathedral / 1505–1509 / (right)

Light general wear otherwise and some darkening of paper

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