GeneaBlog Award – “Best Reanimated Genealogy Blog”

Thanks are due, once again, to that erudite scholar of genealogy, Tamura Jones, for recognizing this blogger’s efforts. He has given me the honor of, ummm, rising from the dead?

Thank you to everyone for making this award worthwhile.

Michael Hait’s recent piece on the genealogy blogosphere, and Thomas MacEntee’s, also, highlight the higher significance of our contributions to the community.

These two writers have inspired me over the past five-odd months to continue blogging into the next year. I’ve got plans for 2012, with some reconsideration of set-aside items, to start with.

Right now, though, I’m trying to get a book to press. Look for it by the end of the month, or, at worst, in January.

Happy holidays, everyone.