Saturday’s TMG Users Group Meeting

Downtown Seattle, Washington and the Bainbridg...

Seattle Skyline

I went to the 11 February 2012 Seattle TMG (The Master Genealogist )Users Group Meeting. There were 16 people there, including the leader Ed Godfrey.

Two of the members gave running presentations about their RootsTech 2012 experiences, the sessions they went to, and what they learned there. It was all interesting, but the takeaway for me was that there’s not much new under the sun. I’ve been using computers since the early 1980s, so a lot of these things are like an old hat for me.

Mr. Godfrey gave a good overview of The Master Genealogist version 8.01 place tools (Master Place List, etc.). Thanks, Ed.


© 2012 N. P. Maling

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s TMG Users Group Meeting

    1. This was a reference to the Seattle TMG Users Group meeting, nothing to do with RootsTech presence, at all.

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