Articles in the new Seattle Genealogical Society Bulletin

The new issue of the Seattle Genealogical Society’s Bulletin is out. Two of articles are my contributions. The first one is a different version of one of the Typography for Genealogists (T4G) articles. The other one is a descendant genealogy of Rudolph Gessner who was born in Ohio and moved to Washington State. You can contact the society at their website for copies or find it at your local library.

See SGS Bulletin, Autumn 2011 – Winter 2012, Volume 61, Number 1, pages 13 and 20. The bulletin is a benefit of society membership and is included within the cost. Non-members are encouraged to join and/or find a copy at a major library.

It is a fun and interesting experience to write for the SGS, and I’ll be contributing more articles in the future.

Two other articles are about newspaper research, one is about philatelic (stamp collecting) research and genealogical research, and a fourth is about ancestors’ deceptions. They are all interesting!


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