GenealogicNG news

GenealogicNG is coming along. Not without nits and other bits, however; there always are ….

The first nit is that I’ve not found a good gedcom parser written in Rust. The one I did find barfs json and is built for that sort of data structure, rather than gedcom. There is a more recent, somewhat, fork of it, but the fork is still similar to the original in reading and writing data.

The second nit is that the json parsers need to read in to data structures similar to the source they come from. In this case it’s the GenealogicNG database, so I’d have to code another implementation for the structures I’ve already created.

Either I do the json parser route or continue to figure out the rest of the gedcom parser’s inner workings.

The first bit is that I’ve gotten some data out of the parser and into the glNG.db file. It’s only three pieces, and it’s taken me a couple of weeks to figure out how to do that. Now that I’ve got some of the basic structure of the parser figured out, things should go faster.

The second bit is that I’ve discovered a few typos in the SQL that the database runs. They’ve been fixed.

As an interesting aside, I’ve discovered a product which can help me figure out how the parser works. It’s an AI thingy called Safurai. Safurai is currently in beta, so it’s probably not the best, but I used it to rewrite a few pieces of my code, and they look, and work, better.