Wordless Wednesday

An abandoned school house in the Palouse, taken when I was in high school.

Look closely and see if you see anything interesting in the windows.


Alaska Genealogical Resources

Here’s a link for the Alaska State Library’s genealogy resources. They even have a WorldCat link so you can search for other libraries with the same materials. Some of these materials are also available at Seattle area archives where I’m a researcher available for hire.


Mount St. Helens at Pullman, Washington

On 18 May 1980, I was living in Pullman, Washington, attending high school. This was shortly after we had moved from Ohio to Washington and it was a completely new experience for me.

The photo here was taken with a Kodak 110 camera, producing a small negative and grainy image at the best of times. My viewpoint here was the top of one of the reservoir buildings on College Hill, looking west. The view was of a sunset in the wrong direction, which was weird. Shortly after this, the ash started accumulating and became muddy. It still exists as a substrate under the wheat fields, fertilizing them.


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Mount St. Helens at Pullman, Washington, 18 May 1980

Mount St. Helens at Pullman, Washington, 18 May 1980

City Directory Sunday: Spokane, Washington, 1940

This week’s installment is a column from page 451 of the 1940 R. L. Polk’s city directory for Spokane, Washington. Enjoy. NPM

Polk's Spokane, Washington, City Directory, 1940, page 451