City Directory Sunday: Spokane, Washington, 1940

This week’s installment is a column from page 451 of the 1940 R. L. Polk’s city directory for Spokane, Washington. Enjoy. NPM

Polk's Spokane, Washington, City Directory, 1940, page 451

City Directory Sunday, Portland, Oregon, 1940

This week’s column is part of page 1003 from the R. L. Polk’s 1940 Portland, Oregon City Directory. Enjoy.

Polk's, Portland, Oregon, City Directory, 1940, page 1003

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City Directory Sunday: Honolulu, Hawaii Territory, 1940

The Seattle Public Library has a wonderful regional collection of city directories. Some of these directories date from the beginnings of the place’s existence and others are more recent. A good number of gaps in chronological coverage exist in many of the series, but enough of them are consistent time-wise.

This week I’d like to spotlight the Polk-Husted Directory Company’s Honolulu City and Territory of Hawaii’s Directory. Here is a column from page 380 of the 1939-1940 directory. Enjoy.


Polk-Husted, City Directory, Honolulu, Hawaii 1940, page 380, column 1

City Directory Sunday: Seattle 1940

This is the first installment of a new series called City Directory Sunday, in which I’ll be featuring images from various city directories. I’ll start with Seattle’s 1940 R. L. Polk’s directory and a random page column. This is page 477, column 2.

Seattle city directory 1940, page 477, column 2

I do document look-ups in a number of Seattle area libraries and repositories, so can easily find family or friend entries in this city directory. Other city directories are available from states such as Alaska, Idaho, and Oregon. Contact me if you’d like a lookup. I’m also available for obituary research on